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Loft hatches
So your thinking of having a loft ladder installed, well before you do, is your hatch big enough?
But don't panic.
Most houses only have a piece of wood for a door that simply lifts up and gets chucked into the loft, we have to replace these as they get in the way of the ladders.
Most newer properties are fitted with plastic hatches, some of which push up like the old wooden ones, these need a complete new hatch making. Some are hinged downwards, these only need replacing if you would like it making bigger.
While we are on the subject of making hatches bigger, lots of older houses have tiny little hatch ways that you can barely squeeze your ears through. Fear not we can make these bigger.
And for those of you who own a house where the builder has seen fit to put your hatch into a cupboard, directly over the stairwell or over your bath or one of many other ridiculous places (and believe me, we have seen some good ones) we can usually make a brand new hatch elsewhere in the house.
Following are some pictures of one job we did, as you will see the original trap was a nasty metal one that lifted up and it wasn't very big either;
Nasty metal hatch   
So we take out the joist,
and make the hole bigger,
we install a new joist to keep things safe,
then build your new hatch on site,
then put it in the hole,
finally we make you a new door and fit your ladder.
much nicer don't you think?
And whilst hubby has the paint brush out painting your new hatch, it's a good excuse for you to nip to the DIY shop for some new paint and wallpaper...(he may as well carry on while he is there!!! Sorry lad's)
Prices from
New MDF Trap Door
New Pine Trap Door
To Enlarge Hatch Including MDF trap door
To Enlarge Hatch Including pine trap door
To Move Hatch Elsewhere MDF trap door
To Move Hatch Elsewhere pine trap door
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